Daily Prompt: Folly

She looks out the window, and wonders how. How could she be so foolish? The days have passed, and the years have too. Her face is no longer young. The ocean waves go on and on. They don’t care where she was, where she has gone. The waves don’t know the filth and the guilt. The water doesn’t keep record of the memories, of the pain. She is haunted but those memories everyday. The carelessness, the mistakes, she made choices that she can’t take back. Folly that she can’t erase.

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Daily Prompt: Bespoke

You were made to order, so it seems. No you aren’t perfect, but a little broken like me. Perfectly imperfect. Your whole being is…is…beautiful. And your character…your character is admirable. You were made for me. Oh I know it sounds egotistical for me to think that, for perhaps I was made for you.