What are the odds that I would find you? Or that you would find me? Luck isn’t that lucky, and happenstance isn’t that timely. In the midst of busy schedules and separate lives, we ended up meeting. And then we met again, and ran into each other another time. We talked, we laughed, we learned about each other. And although I wasn’t thinking about anything other than friendship, you saw me. You liked what you saw. After a while, I couldn’t get you out of my head either. That was three years ago. Three of the greatest years of my life. Who’s to say what is meant to be, if soul mates are real, and if there is “only one”. I don’t know those answers. But I do know that there is only one for me, and that’s you. I love you my friend. My joy. My husband.img_0037


Daily Prompt: Bespoke

You were made to order, so it seems. No you aren’t perfect, but a little broken like me. Perfectly imperfect. Your whole being is…is…beautiful. And your character…your character is admirable. You were made for me. Oh I know it sounds egotistical for me to think that, for perhaps I was made for you.