Presses On 

He wants to leave, to desert it all. The hurt. The disappointment. It’s all too much to handle. He wants it all to end. The nights are endless. He won’t be happy until the present is in his past, until the hard times are in the rear view. He wants so bad to run, to run away. But he doesn’t. He presses on, he presses on. He was so weak until he fell on his knees. With renewed strength, he presses on. 


If I was your superhero, I would be there. Don’t cry, don’t cry. I would fight your demons. I would guard your door. Don’t cry, don’t cry. I would be strong for you, I would fight for you. Don’t cry, don’t cry. If I was your superhero, I would protect you. Don’t die, don’t die. I would save you, I would save you. Don’t die, don’t die.


WEEK #14

Who am I? 

I am a Christian woman, a medical worker, an artist, a wife. I am adventurous, nervous, brave, happy, and depressed. I feel a lot, I feel too much. Sometimes I don’t feel enough. I am often happy, giddy, and sad. I am scared to love but I fall so hard. Change is hard but staying put is harder. I am saved. I am free. I am beautiful. I am me.

Why do our hearts send us astray?

He never loved her. He felt a lot of things for her, but none of them were love. She always loved him. Her judgment of things that she thought of him were clouded by what her heart felt. He saw her body, she saw his heart. Or at least she thought that she did. He approached her, she was flattered. His eyes held a determination when they first met hers. His lips were soft the first time that they kissed. She felt beautiful, desirable, and wanted. She felt loved. She loved his smile. He hated her laugh, but desired her mouth. Her hobbies were stupid, and her time was better spent at his apartment. Her time was better spent on his arm at one of his business events. He never introduced her to colleagues or friends, because she never had anything interesting to say. She was content standing in the background, out of the spotlight. She was happy to be his. He was very handsome. She thought that she couldn’t compete with the beautiful women that approached him, so she never did. After a few months of living together, his true self was revealed. She discovered that he wasn’t as handsome as she thought. The smile that she liked at the biggining was an insincere one. His eyes weren’t misterious anymore, they were just cold. But she loved him. It took some time to realize that she didn’t remember why though. Her heart changed, and she began to see the real him. He was an empty man, a sad and angry man. She didn’t look at him the same anymore, and he resented her for it. After a few weeks of living together, he became bored. Yes, she was sexy and very beautiful, but so were many other women. He listened to his heart on the first day that they met, that’s all he ever did with women. Now his heart didn’t desire her anymore. He felt a lot of things for her, but never loved her. He felt passion, desire and want. Those began to fade. 

Why do are hearts send us astray? They say to follow your heart but our hearts have a cruel sense of humor. 

What are the odds that I would find you? Or that you would find me? Luck isn’t that lucky, and happenstance isn’t that timely. In the midst of busy schedules and separate lives, we ended up meeting. And then we met again, and ran into each other another time. We talked, we laughed, we learned about each other. And although I wasn’t thinking about anything other than friendship, you saw me. You liked what you saw. After a while, I couldn’t get you out of my head either. That was three years ago. Three of the greatest years of my life. Who’s to say what is meant to be, if soul mates are real, and if there is “only one”. I don’t know those answers. But I do know that there is only one for me, and that’s you. I love you my friend. My joy. My husband.img_0037

“I used to think that time was a thief. But you give before you take. But time is a gift. Every minute, every second.” – Alice. Alice Through The Looking Glass.