I held on. Jesus said that He would take it. He would take my burden. The sack full full of regret, guilt, and pain didn’t  need to be with me anymore. I could let go of fear. However, Instill carried it everywhere. My burden got heavier and heavier. My back got weaker and weaker. I asked for God to help me, but I couldn’t give up my load. I refused to let it go. His outstretched hand was there, He would take it from me. But my grip was strong, and I was determined that the sin of my past was mine to carry. The guilt I had to live with, the pain I had to except, and the worry I had to let multiply. It was all mine to carry. I shouldered it all. Day after day, I got out of bed and picked up my burden. I heaved it over my shoulder and began the day. Sometimes I would see someone burden free. I wish that was me, I wish I was as good as they were. I got older, and life got more complicated. Just when I thought that my load couldn’t get heavier, it did. I needed to make it through that hard time, through the storm. I needed to be the strong one. But I just couldn’t hold the burden anymore, I couldn’t carry the weight. I fell, and I fell to my knees. I felt a warm embrace. Jesus asked me if I was ready. I said that I was. He picked my load. He said that it was no longer my burden. I cried. How could I ask Him to carry it? To carry my burden? He said that it wasn’t my burden anymore, that it was His. All I needed to do was let go. 


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