Working in a hospital changes a person. Suffering, pain, and disease are a common theme. I walk into a room to see a man who looks like he is in death’s doorway. One foot in, one foot out. You know that he will need to close the door behind him at some point. Lives are so fragile, so tender. We are easily broken. In an instant things can change and our worlds could fall apart. This day, this moment, is all that we have. We often aren’t promised tomorrow. The plans that we make can fall apart like a sand castle when the tide comes in. We are like children, hoping that the building that we created would stand the test of time, only we end up watching it break and give in to the wave. Oh how fragile our lives are. Enjoy the moment that you have. Thank God for it. Breath in the fresh air and feel the ground underneath your feet. Look at you loved ones, really look at them. Forgive and let go of the chains that keep you hostage. Let go of bitterness. Fall to your knees,  because we are stronger on our knees in prayer than when we try to stand alone. Tell people what they mean to you, because we do not know which breath is our last. We do not know which words will be our final ones. Enjoy the moment, because that is all that we really have.

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