Life was good before. She did not know that she was missing something until she met him. The girl did not know that she was lonely, but he convinced her that she was. His smile was mysterious and hid a world of knowledge. His eyes older and wiser. He told her that her face was pretty, but her haircut didn’t become her. So she spent two hours every other morning trying to straiten the kinks. Although her evening runs were enjoyable, she looked ackward and her stride was wrong, so she stopped. The man saw things that she didn’t, that others didn’t. Years passed. She stopped hanging out with her friends, they were not good for her he said. His wife, the mother of their child, had to start putting more effort into their family. The woman wasn’t pleasing him, wasn’t filling his needs. Every day, every night, was a disappointment. So she tried harder. Why did she keep failing? Her wrinkles got deeper, his insults and opinions got louder.

There was nothing left for him to take. He soon left her alone, abandoned. Alone. She was a mere shadow without ex husband, two decades older than when he found her. She was like a child, like an infant learning to walk. Learning to speak, speak her mind. Who was she? The woman didn’t remember who she was at sixteen before him. She didn’t know who she was now without him. All that was left was what he altered, who he made her to be. But the rest of her was stolen. She was robbed.

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