“In a room full of art I’d still stare at you” I think we ourself are the true art…we humans…are so complicated, have so many dreams, feelings, thoughts… How we even manage to create our life in the way we have it? I mean…we bond with other people…and learn things and make decisions…and work for […]

via Art — Pieces of me


One thought on “Art — Pieces of me

  1. I like your opening line!

    Thank you for taking an interest in our Writer’s Community. I hope you visit often and CLICK THE BLUE FROG to read the prose from our tiny community.

    If you are only a reader, all of our community will welcome your feedback. We love hearing form our readers!

    If you are a writer, please feel welcome to visit here weekly for a stab at finding a prompt that will wet-your-whistle and get some creative juices flowing.

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